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We have redefined selfies. With EmoFix, selfies are a step ahead from traditional low quality front-side camera shots. High quality & easier than ever before.

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Want to take pictures and shoot videos in the rain, while swimming or out at bay? We’ve got you covered. EmoFix works perfectly in every wet environment.

Videos On The Go

Make a video without touching your phone. EmoFix is with you on any adventure.

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EmoFix provides you bluetooth range of 30 feet. Now, don't worry about distance. The perfect blummtetooth signal is always with you.
Perfect Bluetooth signal
We believe in, good design is not only how it looks but how it works. We have designed EmoFix in a unique way so that you can use it effortlessly.
Unique Design
Tired of installing an app for everything you use in your mobile? Yes, we thought about it and made EmoFix free from any app. It works without app. Just connect to bluetooth to and start using.
No App needed
We know how careful you are while using devices. There is always a fear of dropping the device on the ground. We have solved it. EmoFix comes with special metal alloy, so drop it and nothing will get damaged.
Special metal alloy
Click pics and shoot videos on the ground, air and water. Yes, you heard it right. You can use EmoFix inside water, sea and rain. This is completely water resistant.
Big surprises come in small packages. That's why we kept EmoFix elegant with laconic design. It is stylish as well simple.
Laconic Style

Awesome Products Require Great Attention To Detail


Every time you go to the university or work you notice people submerged in their phones, messaging, taking EmoFix selfies etc. Digital addiction is growing fast and scares people at the same time.
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You simply love taking selfies all the time? No party ends with the lack of selfies? How much do you know about it? If the two are «yes» and the third is «not much», the article will be interesting and informative for you. So, what's interesting?
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When choosing a phone you probably take many features into consideration. It may be the size of the phone, the operating system the price. Some people tend to choose the phone depending whether it is thin or thick.
blog image
Do you remember how you dress up for the party and can't leave a house without taking a selfie? And those million selfies when working out at gym? Are you really working on your body or just taking selfies there? Like it or not, but not only ladies take selfie. This obsession is very familiar for men as well. Of curse, they do not ma
blog image
The best application to communicate if you have smartphone.
blog image
Phone is the device we use every day and esteem as a must have necessity. Some phones, though, are far from being called just a simple necessary device, and look more like a luxurious gadget. If you are thinking what to choose — Andoid or iOS…
blog image
Decided to buy a new smartphone but don't know what to choose? We present the major differences between Android and iOS, which will simplify your choice.
blog image
You've probably seen lots of beautiful photos; some of them you would even call masterpiece. Can you imagine a photo that can cost 4,3 million dollars? What can be shown on it? What can cost that much? Continue reading and you will find answers to these questions.
blog image
Like taking pictures and sharing them? You've probably used several photo editors, when you last selfie was not so good and had your fingers on it. Advice: in order to avoid wasting time for editing such selfies, just use the EmoFix. Believe, you will love it. This list will help you understand the pros and cons of some of them and decide which one fits you best.
blog image
Nowadays it's rather complicated to find a person who hasn't taken a selfie. All social networks are full of selfies, which are often very far from being ideal. Some consider them just useless waste of time, others follow this 'trend'. If you are one of the selfies admires, try to make them look interesting. So, what makes a selfie ideal? Here ardent
blog image
There are hundreds of thousands apps you can download on your smartphone and of course, you don't have time to try all hundreds of thousands and decide which one is better. This list is provided to help you having an idea what is what.
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It's not a secret for anyone that the new versions of the operating systems are appearing relatively often, but it doesn't mean that they exclude the chance of containing bugs in them. Of course, it doesn't influence the work of EmoFix, but brings some inconveniences when using the phone for other purposes besides taking selfies and pictures.
blog image
We live in the era of new technologies which are appearing almost every month. Some come out as successful devices, some don't attract the consumers. EmoFix belongs to the first category and will make you love it at one glance.
blog image
It's not a surprise for anyone that selfies are taken almost all over the world by celebrities, spacemen, mountain climbers, drivers etc. Some selfies stay available for friends only, others become so famous that millions of people adore them. So, what are the most famous selfies?
blog image
We all had that moment when a new phone is purchased, we are so excited and learning all the settings and functions of the new phone. If you decided to buy a new Android phone, it is rather necessary to know the most useful apps to be installed on your phone. Here we go.
blog image
We are surrounded by a huge number of new devices, gadgets; the technologies are being developed very fast. One of the most expected device is the Apple Smart Watch which will arrive in early 2015.
blog image
Our life is full of events, which are often forgotten. Thanks to existence of photography we can stop one moment, pass it on the picture and remember that very moment for the rest of our life. EmoFix provides us with a unique ability to take a shot of all people with us without asking strangers.
blog image
The market is overwhelmed with the variety of smartphones. They have different operation systems, iOS and Android, as an example. The main difference between these two OS was analyzed by our team… So, here is the list.
blog image

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